Best Air Cooler For 7700K

Top 8 Best Air Cooler For 7700K in 2020

Are you planning to buy the best air cooler for 7700k? Than you are in the perfect place to get recommendations and suggestions. In this article, we will talk about the top recommended air cooler for 7700k CPU.

What is an air cooler for 7700K?

Any mechanic or technological devices when runs heat up. to cool down these devices, there are air coolers or air coolants. With time, as the technology has come far, many new or diverse air coolers have been produced. But the i7-7700K series, which was launched by intel in 2017, is the best of the best.

This system though is the best, but which company has the best air cooler of the i7-7700K series? That’s a quirky question which we will provide the answer of today. This article will review the top 7 best air coolers for the 7700K series.

Starting with number 1. Let’s get right into it.

Best Air Cooler For 7700K

1. Noctua NH – D15: 

Created based on its previous version, Noctua’s NH – D15 carries the same mission, to provide coolness for the overheating systems of CPU. The NH – D15 is of a high class with dual-towers for high cooling demands. This is the Best Air Cooler For 7700K for your i7 computer. However, It is a bit expensive, but you got the best product.


  • Strong basis: 

With the base as NH – D14 which received more than 350 different awards based on its amazing performance, NH – D15 provides all that and much more in the sense of a strong coolant system. The enhancement to the addition of already an elite quality cooler is the reason why this is the best air cooler for the 7700k series.

  • 6 heat pipe dual tower design: 

Comparing to the single tower cooling system, NH – D15’s dual tower-style with six heat pipes offer much better cooling, better heat distribution, and far greater airflow efficiency. It also provides more surface area.

  • Widened fin stack: 

To compare NH – D15 to the previous version of NH – D14, the alignment of the fin stack has been widened by 10mm and the heat pipes are at a further distance from each other. This provides even heat distribution over a large area. 

  • SecuFirm2 mounting system:

Noctua’s Secufirm2 has become a high-quality mounting system and supports Intel Intel LGA1200, LGA115x (LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156), LGA2011, LGA2066 and AMD (AM4 (since 2019), AM3(+), AM2(+), FM1, FM2(+)), while it also is safe to use and provides the easy and user-friendly environment. This mounting system guarantees great contact pressure and amazing convenience on all current sockets. 

These are just some of the amazing features which NH – D15 offers.

The Pros and Cons:

amazing cooling performance
great quality
runs smoothly and noiselessly
The color variety isn’t much

2. CoolerMaster Hyper 212 LED: 

Hyper 212 led from CoolerMaster has many great features and is an amazing cooler for CPUs. The Hyper 212 LED is prepared with a PMW system with attached red LED lights. This cooler provides amazing airflow and great static pressure to remove the heat. With direct heat pipes and improvised bracket design, this cooler for 7700K series was sure to take the runners up position. 


  • Direct contact heat pipes:

Hyper 212 LED has four direct contact heat pipes which are funnel-shaped and made up of aluminum fins. These heat pipes due to a specific shape and material provide amazing heat dissipation compared to other average metal-based heat pipes.

Dual fans:


One fan works amazingly. We can not degrade that. But, as a matter of fact, two works better. Hyper 212 LED provides dual fans that cool the system down efficiently and quickly.

  • PWM fan:

The outer laying of the PWM fan is shiny and glossy which provides a cool look when the red LED is reflected off of it. Other than the amazing looks, it also provides enhanced cooling performance. While the performance is boosted, it also provides more surface area than any previous version such as 212x.

  • Multipurpose mounting:

The hyper 212 LED provides an adaptable mounting system for Intel and AMD sockets. The bracket design also comes in handy as it provides better and easier installment.

Other than these features, the Hyper 212 LED also looks very stylish and has noiseless working capabilities. Where coolers have this quite but whizzing sound, hyper 212 LED is soundless.

The Pros and Cons:

amazing design
great performance
saves space
  The mounting system is a bit hard  

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3. Cryorig H7:

Cryorig is well known for making killer coolers for CPU. With amazing technology and great innovations, the company has never let its users down. So, it isn’t a surprise that they came up with Cryorig H7. With not one but a great number of amazing features, Cryorig H7 is a perfect cooling system for your overheating CPU.


  • Hive Fins: 

The Cryorig is known for making the great hive fin system. The design and structure that represents a beehive, this gives the cooler a boost and increases the jet fin acceleration and reduces turbulence.

  • Air Exhaust Acceleration: 

The H7 has two wider air intake and narrower air exhaustion part in the fins. This compresses the air and moves it faster, making the hot air cool down much faster than an average cooler.

  • Heat pipes: 

The H7’S heat pipes have a convex align system which enables for a greater number of heat pipes in the area. This improves alignment in the CPU and allows the heat pipes to function properly.

  • Wide RAM compatibility:

H7 provides an incredible range for RAM as the slots are made such a way that the heat from the heat pipes doesn’t affect the RAM. This H7 is compatible with the Intel and the AMD both.

  • Quick Mount system:

the new patent X BAR mounting system of Cryorig allows a better, quicker, and safer mounting system for both Intel and AMD.

The X BAR systems backplate is created by fiber glad augmented PBT for the increase strength, resist the heat, and easy to recycle. 

The Pros and Cons:

GREAT MOUNTING SYSTEM GOOD QUALITY HIVE FINS DESIGN    Very limited sockets The package is not great

4. Zalman CNPS12X: 

Having a great name in the market if CPU coolers, Zalman produced another great cooler, CNPS12X. With being the first cooler in the world to have triple fans, Zalman continues to provide the best for the users with efficient, quick, flexible, and amazing coolers.


  • Triple Fan cooling system: 

The triple-fan cooling system is an amazing feat. It provides better cooling conditions and works much faster than other coolers. With three fans running on a single header fan, it becomes relatively for fans to be powered.

  • 6 W-DTH Heat pipes:

First used in the previous version, CNPS11X, merged heat pipes help to transfer the heat faster from the CPU, then average heat pipes. This enhances the performance of the cooler even more. All the pipes in the CNPS12X are U-shaped, which enables double effectiveness. 

  • Nickel-plated fans:

The entire heat sink of the CNPS12X is covering with Nickel which shows off an amazing aesthetic and gives your CPU quite the look. But the amazingness lies within the long durability of nickel, as it is known for having long-term corrosion resisting features. The blue LED that decorate the fans also gives a pleasing appearance to your CPU.

  • Dual heat sink design: 

Attached to the heat pipes of the CNPS12X is the dual heat sink, which includes VFP technology. This enhances the air-intake and maximizes the airflow.

  • Compatibility: 

CNPS12X is compatible with many systems on the market such as Intel LGA2011/1366/1156/1155/775 and AMD FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 compatible

The Pros and Cons:

Good visual Noiseless operation amazing cooling performance  Installation is hard Big in size Bad preservation mechanism

5. Scythe Ninja 5:

Known as the 5th generation of Ninja CPU coolers, the Ninja 5 has amazing and brand-new technology to promise a faster cooling system. With a variety of amazing features and great compatibility, this cooler is nothing to laugh at.


  • Easy installation:

The HPMS III is the latest kind of mounting system, which has a solid surface. The installation process is very easy and does not require a lot of this and that. The distribution of weight and pressure on the surface of the CPU and the socket is guaranteed, with the spring-loaded screws and metal backplates.


  • Dual fan design with Push/Pull system:

The Ninja 5 cooler has a great feature on it, which has two Kaze Flex 120 PWM fans, with a speed of 800 RPM. The dual-fan design provides you the amazing cooling performance, without having any noise. The sides of these fans have rubber shock absorbers, which helps to avoid the transfer of vibrations.

The Pros and Cons:

Enhanced performance Easy installation cost-effective  Covers the memory slots It does not work for high-end CPUs.  

6. Be quiet Dark Rock pro4: 

As the name of the company suggests, the Dark Rock pro4 cooler from being quiet is an amazing CPU cooler with no noise. It has a virtually inaudible operation system and cooking performance up to 250W. This cooler is an excellent choice for overdemanding workstations. 


  • Virtually inaudible operation:

The six pole motors, and airflow optimized fan blades, the dual Silent Wings PWM fans have advanced fluid-dynamic bearings. The front Silent Wings 3 fan offers high air pressure to an extreme which is all thanks to the funnel-shaped air inlet.

  • Amazing cooling power: 

Without risking the silence or performance for overworked systems and demanding applications. Dark Rock pro4 offers to you an amazing rating of 250W TDP and which is also attains lower temperatures even when the CPU is running in the peak performance.

  • Advance Design: 

The CPU cooler is rigged with seven innovative technology 6mm heat pipes which increases heat conductance. Airflow-advanced and wave-contoured, conserving fins designed with small dots on their surface area to increase the air circulation.

  • Dual towers: 

The cooler, Dark Rock pro4 has two aluminum heat sinks installed. The arrangement of the heat sinks provides RAM compatibility. There are already two fans installed but there is a place for a third 120mm fan to be installed for even better performance. 

  • User friendly: 

The mounting system for Dark Rock pro4 is colored black and perfectly suits the dark aesthetic of the cooler itself and even the name. it is easy to install on the motherboard. The physical appearance of the cooler is very elegant and gives the feeling of high and intricate design.

The Pros and Cons:

Top class built quality Noiseless functions Great visualsExpensive Big in size and very heavy Covers the DIMM slots

7. CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Black edition:

Kudos to CoolerMaster for inventing such amazing coolers that they have two CPU coolers on the list. The Hyper 212 Black edition cannot be left out when talking about amazing CPU coolers. The Hyper 212 Black edition provides you an amazingly easy installation and a greater performance. The physical appearance and the work it does is just irresistible.


  • Sleek Look: 

The classy look of the top cover of the cooler, with anodized aluminum that is done in gunmetal black, provides a great appeal to the cooler.

  • Amazing airflow: 

With Nickle black fins installed, the airflow is better than ever. The fins are stacked in arrays to provide a better radiation cooling performance.

  • Direct contact: 

The direct attachment of four heat pipes to the CPU provides excellent heat dissipation skills.

  • Soundless technology: 

The Silencio FB120 features an exclusive driver which diminishes the noise and sound made by the cooler. The fan blade design of the Hyper 212 Black edition is inspired by the helicopters, as it allows more force in the space available on the front side of the fan.

  • Optional push/pull: 

An extra fan provides comes in handy to pull the heat from the CPU faster, to minimize the losses and it also increases the acceleration rate at which the heat is turned into cool air.

The Pros and Cons:

PMW FANS Great build up cost-effective Good valueDoes not have PMW splitters for a second fan Does not come with a second fan Does not have lighting features


This sums up the article for today which was best cooler for 7700K, as you can read, the market is full of amazing coolers with even better features than one can sum up in words. This article is to guide you about the best features a cooler should have to boost your CPU’s performance level and provide you with reduced damage levels that overheating can cause. Other than the amazing features, the physical appeal of the cooler is not something to ignore either.

In the end, everyone has their own opinion on matters and they would like to have cooler which suits their CPU the most.

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