Best LED Light Bulbs For Outdoor Fixtures

Best LED Light Bulbs For Outdoor Fixtures in 2020

The beauty of your sweet home is enhanced when you have a pleasant outdoor. At night, it should be as bright as possible to look beautiful. If you are planning to throw a BBQ party at night, you need good illumination. Here, you need the best LED light bulbs for outdoor fixtures.

These LED light bulbs are simple, bright, and cost less when on. The best one should be bright enough to light the whole area. At the same time, you must be able to control it with a lot of ease. Keeping this in mind, let us look at some of the best LED light bulbs for outdoor fixtures.

Best LED Light Bulbs For Outdoor Fixtures

1. TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi A19 LED Bulb

If you are looking for the best LED light for outdoor use, try this one from TP-Link. It is one of the best bright light with a lot of advanced features. Let us see what earned it the top spot on our list.

Easy to install

What makes it the most convenient LED light is that it is easy to install. You don’t need any special hardware to install them. You can install the LED without any worry. Setting up this LED light is very easy. Once the setup is done, you can control the light from anywhere.

Save energy

We know that LED lights save energy for us. You don’t need to compromise on quality and brightness. This one is super bright by TP-Link and at the same time saves you energy. If you need customized lighting for outdoor fixtures, you can even dim the light.

Easy to control

This LED light from TP-Link is very easy to control. The light works well with Android, iOS, and Alexa. No matter if you use these, you can easily control your light from a distance.


  • Very bright
  • Saves energy
  • Easy to control


  • Wattage is a bit low

2.  Sky Genius 25W Daylight LED Corn Light

Sky Genius came up with this genius and bright LED light that is easy to control. It will give you the best bright light that you need for outdoor fixtures. People love the 6500K cool white light this LED is featuring. Let us look into the details.


This is a very bright light and at the same time, it will save energy as well. As you know that LED lights take up less power, this one will save money in terms of power bills. This 25W bulb will give you light brighter than a 200W old bulb. As a result, you get even brighter light at less cost.


Sky Genius made this genius piece the best one in terms of quality. It has a lot of features to make it suitable for your outdoor fixtures. The LED light looks good and comes with aluminum. It dissipates heat and avoids corrosion.

Long life

This mobile phone has a very long life. It will work widely without any issue for long years. There is no death, red spot. The light is very easy to install. When you are done to install it, the light will give you a stable brightness for years.


  • Very bright light
  • Long life
  • Suitable for outdoor


  • Not dimmable

3. Philips LED A19 Frosted Light

When it comes to saver lights, no one can beat the quality of Philips. They are leading the industry of lights. The best part is that it is a pack of 3 lights of 8 watts power. However, together they will light as bright as 60 watts.

Energy efficient

These are dusk to dawn LED lights from Philips. It indicates that you can keep the lights on all night without a major impact on your power bills. Philips LEDs cost more than other brands. However, you will recover the cost soon when you use it in the long term.

Long life

Philips is committed to giving you the best in terms of quality. This is where long life of light comes in place. You will install this light outdoor and forget it. It will work for more than 22,000 hours. The company will claim your warranty for 10 solid years. Thus, you will never need to buy another light for the same spot.

Soft light

These lights give you a soft light that is easy on your eyes. It is warm and gives comfort to your eyes. This light comes with auto sensors that will power your light on as soon as it gets dark. The light will remain power on until the sun rises in the morning. After that, it will power off again on auto.


  • Very efficient
  • Long life
  • Soft white light
  • Comes with a night sensor


  • A bit pricey

4. SUNCO Lighting 6 Pack BR30 LED

SUNCO Lightning came up with a classic set of lights. These are 11 watts a pack of 6 LEDs. Together they will deliver as much as 65 watts light. You will be happy to get this 4000K cool white light outdoor to make parties beautiful.


What makes this one special is that it will dim as much as you like. From 10% to 100%, you can dim it as much as you wish. Thus, it will fit the best for all types of activities and events. At full brightness, the LED will be super bright, and you won’t feel like night.

Energy saving

Save energy with this LED from SUNCO like you never did. This is a pack of 6 LEDs that will save you a lot in terms of power. They have a large lifespan and will work with you for a longer time. You can save as much as 85% on your power bills by using this light.

Quality light

These lights are UL certified and provide you the best safe light. There is no buzz or flicker. As a result, the light will be very comfortable for your eyes. What else can you ask, SUNCO lightning gives you a 5-year warranty for their lights.


  • Best for outdoor functions
  • Safelight
  • Saves light


  • No way to contact them.

5. VGOGFLY Light Bulb Sensor Smart LED

VGOGFLY came with this pack of 3 LED lights. They are 7 watts bulb that will power on and off with automatic sensors. As soon as it gets dusk, the light will turn on. It remains on until it gets dawn. This makes them the best LED lights for outdoor fixtures.

Energy saving

These lights will save a lot of power for your home bills. These 7 watts bulb will light as much as 50 watts. Thus, it uses less power in comparison to old bulbs. The light comes with auto sensors to light them as soon as it gets dark. Thus, there is no chance of them to remain on for the whole day. You will save power with this feature too.

Long life

We love bulbs that remain light for a long time. So, it is more convenient for us that the lights remain in working for long hours. These lights come with a LED chip. This chip will make sure that the light doesn’t overheat. In the long run, this feature makes sure that the light remains working for long.

Easy to install

This set of lights is very easy to install. You can insert them in any standard E26/27 light fixture. So, there is no special arrangement needed for these lights. When they are ready to go, you will be pleased to see their wide sensor angle. The wide orientation enables the LED to provide bright light in a wide 220 degrees angle.


  • Easy to install
  • Wide-angle
  • Accurate sensors


  • It starts to flicker after some use.

6. KASA Smart Light 2.4Ghz

KASA smart came up with this smart LED that will light your home. You will love its smart features and the 10 watts brightness. It comes with a lot of smart features like compatible with Alexa and Google Home. When they are ready for use, you will love the brightness for any functions.

Dimmable lights

These are dimmable lights that you can dim as much as you need. Dim the lights between 1% to 100% as per your mood or need of function. As a result, this LED light will be your favorite one for outdoor fixtures.

Easy to control

You don’t need any hub to control your LED. It is a smart LED that will connect to your home Wi-Fi system with ease. Once you install it with ease, just connect the light to your home Wi-Fi system and start controlling it with your smartphone.

Voice control

When you have your smartphone, you can control the light. Even if you are away, that will not stop you from connecting to your light. You can control the light with your voice commands too. In short, this light is among the smartest ones when it comes to connecting from a distance.


  • Smart to connect, easy to control
  • Simple KASA app to control
  • Bright light


  • Will work with only a strong, secure Wi-Fi network.

7. TP-LINK A + E27 Intelligent Tunable WiFi LED Bulb

Last but not least is another classic light from TP-link. Since TP-link is a technology company, they make some best smart LEDs. This one is a 27 watts LED bulb from them that will work best when set outdoor.

Bright light

This one from TP-Link is a smart light that works very bright. This light will give you 10 watts of bright light. We know that LEDs are brighter than standard lights. So, this 10 watt light is enough for all your outdoor fixtures.

Smart light

This is a smart light from TP-Link. You can tune it easily with your home Wi-Fi system. Once you tune it with your home Wi-Fi system, you can then control it with a lot of ease.

Easy to install

This LED light is very easy to install. You don’t need any specific hardware to insert the light. You can insert it inside any standard E27 socket. As a result, the light is ready for use.


  • Bright light
  • Smart to control
  • Easy to install


  • Smart features less reliable.

Buying Guide

The best LED light bulbs for outdoor fixtures is one that serves you the best. So, you must know what you need from your LED, to decide the best one. Let us explore some key features that you must consider before buying the best LED light bulbs for outdoor fixtures.


LED bulbs come with a lot of sizes. Some of them are very bulky, while other ones are small and stylish bulbs. If you need light for outdoor, you have two options. The first one is buying a bulky light with max brightness. It will shine from one part and cover the whole area.

The second option, that many people use, is to insert a group of three to six small lights. They look more beautiful and cover a larger area while still easy on the pocket. You must know what to please and buy accordingly.


After physical size, the wattage of the light is the second thing to consider. LED lights come in small watts. The reason is that even the small of them provides enough light like a strong old bulb. However, you should still consider your need. Never settle for a light that is weaker than your need. For most people, 10 watts work best.

Beam angle

If you are buying a single light for the whole outdoor, the beam angle plays a vital role. The more angle, the more area it will cover.


When you are buying the best LED light bulbs for outdoor fixtures, you need one that resists weather conditions. It should remain safe from dust, rain, thunderstorm, snow, and other weather extremes. If the light is not resistant to extremes, it will stop working soon. Before buying a light, make sure it comes with all safety, and max things are covered in the warranty.


You can define automation with sensors and how smart the bulbs are working. Some lights come with a dusk to dawn feature. These lights will power on as soon as it gets dark outside. If you have a security camera outside, these lights work best.

Some lights are compatible with smart apps. You will connect them with home Wi-Fi system, and control them with ease.


This was all from my side in the best LED light bulbs for outdoor fixtures. I selected the bright white lights that will shine well for your outdoor fixtures. All of them work nicely for long hours.

If you need quality, I will recommend you select the one from Philips. If you need a smart light, you can select the ones that come with sensors. In short, buying the best LED light bulbs for outdoor fixtures is not difficult. Buy it with slight care, and you will love your choice for the coming years.

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