best LED lights for kitchen ceiling.

Best LED Lights For Kitchen Ceiling in 2020

The kitchen should have proper bright lights. To do so, you must select proper lights. Let us have a look at my list of the best LED lights for kitchen ceiling. This article will give you the top led light for your kitchen ceiling.

Food is an integral part of our life and to prepare it, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Be it cooking, or heating food, the kitchen remains the heart of the home. So, you must have proper lighting in your kitchen.

Best LED Lights For Kitchen Ceiling

1. Youtob LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

This is a beautiful light for your kitchen. Not only this is very bright, but it is very stylish too. You will love to spend most of your time in the kitchen when these lights are on. Let us learn what Youtob has to offer us.

Very bright

This is a very bright light that is perfect for your kitchen. It gives you up to 1200 lumens as well as a temperature color of 4000K. This makes the light very bright, even brighter than others in the same category.


The style of light matters a lot when it is installed in the kitchen. This one is one of the most stylish light by Youtob for your kitchen. It has a modern style and gives you even lightning. This makes it perfect for the kitchen or hotels.

Easy to install

The light is very easy to install. It also comes with an installation guide that allows you to install your light with ease. It comes with all the hardware that need. So, you don’t need to buy anything else.

Energy saving

LED lights save a lot of energy. This is just a 15 watts bulb. However, it will give you as much brightness as a 100 watts ordinary bulb. You save around 85% of your power bills. The light will work for long in your kitchen with as much as 30,000 working hours.

Youtob gives you 18 months warranty. If the product fails to deliver within this time, you can exchange it with a newer one.


  • Very bright and stylish
  • Easy to install
  • Saves energy


  • Comes with short screws.

2. Cloudy Bay LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Cloudy Bay came with one of the best LED flush mount ceiling light for your kitchen. The best thing about this light is that it is dimmable. So, you can adjust the brightness as per your need. You can dim the light as much as 10%.

True color

This light has a CRI90+ rating. It means that the LED will give you a very clean light. The white light will be best for your kitchen. You can see the true color of the object. Out of all the alternatives, this light from Cloudy Bay works the best.

Wide use

This is a 17 watts LED bulb that will give as much brightness as a 120 watts old bulb. You can save as much as 80% on your power bills. This allows you to use the LED for a wide area. You can not only use the LED in the kitchen but also offices, hotels, stairs, etc.


Cloudy Bay is giving you five years of warranty. In this time, the light will work perfectly for around 25,000 hours. If your light stops proper function at this time, you can ask for a quick replacement from Cloudy Bay.


  • Very bright
  • Saves energy
  • Long warranty


  • Less reliable

3. AIRAND 5000K LED Ceiling Light Flush Mount

AIRAND made this ceiling light that you can mount in your kitchen. It is the best light when it comes to style and brightness. The light is so bright that you might confuse it with daylight. Let us see the main features of this light.

Long life

This light from AIRAND has a very long life. It will work for as much as 30,000 hours. Once you insert this light, you will forget how long it works. It is a durable light with the best features. Prevent it from damage, and it will last for long years.


We know that kitchen is a place that remains humid. You may work with water and there may be a sudden splash on the light. The light is resistant to water and splash. This allows the light to withstand all the issues. As a result, it will work for long.


This light is very bright. Some people might think that it is unsafe for the eyes. However, AIRAND made these lights safe to use. There is no flicker in the light. This allows the light to work best and at the same time, it will be safe for your eyes.

Energy saving

This bright light from AIRAND will save a lot on your power bills. This is a 24 watts bright light that will light as much as a 180 watts normal bulb. It uses very little power and will save as much as 85% in your monthly power bills.


  • Saves energy, safe light
  • Very bright and waterproof
  • Long working life


  • Might come with faulty hardware

4. LOCLGPM 2 Light Glass Black Finish

LOCLGPM came with a pair of best LED lights for kitchen ceiling. They come with a black finishing and yellow color cover. This makes them very attractive for your kitchen use. It is a glass LED light.


This is a large size bulb. It has dimensions of 12 by 6 inches. This makes it a large light, ideal for your kitchen use. It has a very classic antique ceiling style for your kitchen. Apart from the kitchen, the light is perfect to use for other indoor use.


The light is very bright and along with a solid steel structure, this will be your best light for kitchen use. The light will retain a good structure and will perform the best. It will work best for the current years to come.


These are the two best bright lights for your kitchen. They are 60 watts in power. You can install them with ease. You just need a standard E12 socket to plug the light in. Once the light is ready to use, you will see the brightness of these lights.


When it comes to style, these lights are the best. If you plan to install them in your home, you will never regret it. You can install them in your kitchen, bedroom, office, or a lot of other areas. Thus, it will be your best set of bright lights.


  • Large size lights
  • Very stylish
  • Bright lights


  • Material may look cheap

5. Lithonia Lighting Brushed Nickel

Lithonia Lightning came with this beautiful selection of lights for your kitchen. Unlike other parts, you need special ceiling lights for your kitchen. They give you a wide-angle. These lights are among the best ones for kitchen use. You can also use them in your basement, hall, bedroom, and other areas.

Easy to install

The light comes with all the hardware. As a result, you don’t need to buy anything extra to install the lights. The style is very simple, so you will not find any issue in installing them. You just need a screwdriver and glasses to protect your eyes.

Large light

Unlike ordinary lights, this one is a lengthy light. It is 24 inches long light that will spread the most lightness in your kitchen. Not only these lights are large, but they will last for long in your kitchen. Once you install them, they will work the best for the next 50,000 hours. Even if you use the light for six hours a day, it will work best for the next 23 years.


You can use these lights in a lot of places. This includes but is not limited to the kitchen, basement, bedroom, office, stairs, and other parts where you need light.

Dimmable lights

The lights come with all the safety standards from certain institutions. They are safe to use and doesn’t harm your eyes. If you need to dim them, you can do it with ease. This makes them perfect for a lot of jobs.


  • Long-lasting lights, large.
  • Easy to install
  • Dimmable lights


  • Low-quality material

6. Lithonia Lighting FMLWL 48 827

This one is another large light from Lithonia Lighting. It is even larger with 4 feet or 48 inches size. They will work best in the kitchen, garage, basement, bedroom, and other parts of your home.

Very bright lights

These lights are very bright as they will give you as much as 60 lumens per watt. It has a total of 1400 lumens. It means that the light is 40 watts in power. This much powerful light is best for your kitchen use where you need more light.

Long life

We love lights that work for long. It eases our job as there is no need to change the time to time. This light has a long life and will work for around 50,000 hours before you need to replace them.

Saves money

This one is among the best LED lights for kitchen ceiling. Since it uses LED lights, it saves a lot in your monthly home power bills. This is a 40 watts light that will give you the best bright light as compared to ordinary bulbs. As a result, you will get a brighter light at less price.

Easy to install

Ceiling lights need some skills to install. However, the best ones are easy to install. This way the company saves your efforts by giving easy install steps for light. You can install the light with ease in your kitchen or other home parts.

Safe to use

The light meets all the safety standards of the US market. It also comes with a five-year warranty. If the light stop working at this time, you can replace it with a new one.


  • Bright light saves money
  • Long life, safe to use
  • Easy to install


  • Make sure you don’t receive the defective item.

7. Light Blue™ LED Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture

Light Blue is among the top brands of the USA when it comes to making the best LED lights for kitchen ceiling. This one is very light that is ideal for the kitchen. With its white color, it will give the most natural color to every object in your kitchen. Let us see the features of this beautiful light.

Semi-flush light

This one is a semi flush mount LED light for your kitchen ceiling. It is the best in quality because it comes with nickel finishing. The light works ideally and will save you a lot of power during use.

Bright light

This light is very bright and will work perfectly in most parts of your home. The best part to install the light is the kitchen. However, it will also work fine in your hall, store, stairs, bedroom, and other parts. It comes with 1050 lumens that make the best bright white light for your kitchen use.

Safe to use

It is a safe light for your kitchen. The light is dimmable, so you can use it as per your need. At the same time, it is certified from ETL and is safe for your eyes.


  • Saves energy
  • Safe to use
  • Bright light for wide areas


  • A bit expensive as per specs.

8. ANTLUX 4FT LED Wraparound Light Fixture

Last but not least is this beautiful light from ANTLUX. It is very long and the best LED lights for kitchen ceiling. You can use it in the kitchen, as well as in the office, bedroom, and other parts of your home.

Saves energy

Replace your ordinary kitchen light with this bright light. You will save a lot. This is a 5500 lumens output light that gives you 50 watts LED light output. As a result, you will save as much as 70% in your home power bill.

Stylish light

The light is very stylish and works best in your kitchen. Since it is a large light, you will love the wat it lights every part of your kitchen.


While some parts become defective, a strong warranty always saves you. This one comes with a 5-year warranty. If your product stops working during this time, you can replace it with a newer one.


This is a large light for your kitchen. It is four feet long and will provide the brightest light in your kitchen. You can use it for your office or bedroom too.


  • Saves 70% energy
  • Very stylish
  • Five years long warranty


  • The material used is not the best quality.

Final words

The best LED lights for kitchen ceiling must be bright enough, so you can see easily. It must come with all the safety features. You need a light for the kitchen, so it must be safe with natural gas and other toxic gases. These were some of the best LED lights for kitchen ceiling. When you are going to buy, make sure you opt for the best.

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