Best Magnifying Lamp For Needlework

Top 5 best magnifying lamp for needlework or Embroidery

Are you searching for the best magnifying lamp for needlework or embroidery work? Than you are in the right place. We have selected the best product from amazon. We have considered many things to choose these top picks.

When we do needlework, we have to focus on the details. If we use an embroidery machine or use our hand, but still we need a magnifying lamp for more details view. That’s why we assemble the best magnifying lamp for needlework or embroidery for you.

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Why we need a Best magnifying lamp for needlework?

When we concentrate on reading or working on a thing for a long time, our eyes may be damaged and our eyes become tired. A magnifying lamp will help us when we will do embroidery or needlework for a long time.

Magnifying lamp helps our eyes by relieving them and provide more details view when we do needlework. There are many types of sewing magnifying lamp like some of them come with Light for more clean vision.

As we are doing sewing or needlework, we have to concentrate on our work for a long time. So a magnifying lamp for needlework is the best way to solve this trouble.

Best magnifying lamp for needlework

1. Brightech LightView Pro Flex Lamp (Table Lamp)

If you are looking for a desk magnifying lamp for your needlework, than we recommend you this Brightech Lightview Pro Flex magnifying lamp. Because this lamp is really good for perfect viewing, and the light is also bright. Also you can easily afford this lamp, because the price is reasonable.

The base of the lamp is also solid and heavy, which keeps the lamp stable at any position. The 6W &  570 lumen LED lights are used to made this lamp, which could last up to 20,000 hours. That make 6000k cool white colour.

This is the best magnifying lamp for needlework. Moreover, you can use this lamp for different activities like painting, sewing, jewellery making, cross stitch, jigsaw puzzles, repairing electronics etc.

This lamp has a 13.5″ adjustable, flexible gooseneck, which help you to adjust the light where you want to see clearly, very easily. The colour you get from this lamp is cool white, which helps you to see the true colour.


  • 3 inch lens
  • 1.75X or 2.25X magnification
  • 3 and 5 Diopter both size available
  • 6W and 570 lumens light which up to last 20,000 hours 
  • 13.5″ adjustable, flexible gooseneck

2. Brightech LightView Pro LED Lamp (Floor Lamp)

Are you searching for floor lamp which also work for needlework? This Brightech lightview pro led lamp is the best magnifying floor lamp option for you. Why it is best? Because this is hand free, comfortable and easy to use.

This lamp has 24″ flexible gooseneck bands, which can easily pointed the lamp where you want to focus. The 1.75X or 2.25X magnification  helps you to focus things  at a distance of 13 inches. This lamp has 6.5 inches * 4 inches lens.

Moreover, the 9W and  540 lumen LED lights are used to made this magnifying lamp, which could last up to 20,000 hours. The 3 and 5 diopter both is available, so you have to choose one of them. Though this lamp is expensive.


  • 6.5″ * 4″ inch lens
  • 1.75X or 2.25X magnification
  • 3 and 5 Diopter both size available
  • 6W and 570 lumens light which up to last 20,000 hours 
  • 24″ adjustable, flexible gooseneck

3. Brightech LightView PRO

This is also a floor lamp, which is the most popular lamp among the users. Many customer consider this light as the best LED magnifier lamp for needlework. Also this is the prefect light for electrical work, craft work, puzzle making etc. Things can be focused in 8 inches away.

The 9W & 650 lumen LED lights are used on this lamp and which last up to 20,000 hours or about 20 years of use for 3 hours per day. This lamp also has the  magnification up to 2.25X / 225%. You can also change the level of brightness, that protects your eyes and reduce eyes strain. 

This floor lamp has 4.5 inches lens, which provide you a crystal clear view. This lamp has two 15 inches swing arms, so this lamp is widely used by needlework, electrician, jeweller, artist. This is the handheld or headband magnifying lamp, which  is designed for needlework, reading or working comfortably and conveniently.


  • 4.5 inches lens diameter
  • 2.25X magnification
  • 360 rotation lamp
  • 9W and 650 lumens LED lights which last up to 20,000 hours 
  • 32 inches adjustable, flexible metal gooseneck bend

4. Delixike 5X Magnifying Lamp

Are you looking for a 5X magnifying lamp for your needlework, reading, hobbies, crafts, workbench? So, this is a perfect option for you. This hands free magnifying lamp has high quality 4.33 inches optical glass, which offer you the excellent 5X magnification.

The magnification lens, with a focus range are up to 11.5 inches, allows older peoples eyes to see clear view. It has 30 high quality LED light, which can easily adjustable means you can easily change the brightness level. This lights can last up to 20000 hours.

This is a table lamp, have a flexible gooseneck design, which gives the users freedom to adjust the desire height and positions. You can adjust the colour level from the touch switch, which is also use to switch on and off the light of the lamp. That’s why this lamp is also dimmable.


  • 4.33 inches lens
  • 5X magnification
  • 30 high brightness LED lights which last up to 20,000 hours 

5. Neatfi Bifocals Magnifying Floor Lamp

Are you looking for the super LED lamp for needlework? Than this lamp is also best option for your, because 1200 lumen is used in this lamp. That makes this lamp super prefect for readers, needle workers etc. This lamp has 5″ big diameter lens.

This energy saving floor lamp will last up to 100,000 hours. This lamp is great for reading, knitting, circuit boards, and soldering. This lamp also 5 diopter (2.25X magnification) lens, which allows you get the perfect view.

Another great feature of this lamp is, this a rolling lamp, means can easily move this lamp. By tapping the power button you can adjust the brightness level by 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. However, this lamp is too expensive, which is mostly design for professionals.


  • 5″ biggest lens
  • 2.25X magnification
  • Rollable lamp, can move anywhere easily
  • 1200 lumen LED which last up to 100,000 hours
  • Change the brightness level

Final word

Choosing the best magnifying lamp for needlework is up to you, we have selected the best products from amazon. Now you have to choose your comfortable one for you. This article gave you the top pick products from amazon and the buying guide. We have selected these by many consideration like the pricing, features, diopters etc.

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