How To Clean Lamp Shades?

How to clean lamp shades? simple way 2020

Here are the best tips for you if you are asking for how to clean lamp shades fabric properly. After reading this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to clean fabric lampshades, paper lampshades, plastic lampshades. So stay learning with Gare Home!

Lampshades are the beauty of our bedroom, reading room, and others as well. You should clean your lampshades regularly because lampshades are the product that we use daily in our life. If you don’t clean it in the right ways it can become yellow after a few days. 

how to clean lamp shades properly in a few minutes?

If you cannot give your time to wash lamp shades then you should use  Lint Roller. Lint shades used to wash things that are related or made with fabric. It’s popular for clean-out drawers, paper bits from the crafts, clan lampshades, moon lamps and many more. You can think that it will not work, but it actually works. 

So, if you are so busy that you cannot clean your fabric lampshades then this lint roller is only for you. 

How to use the lint roller for clean fabric lamp shades? 

First, take the lampshades on your one hand and lint roller on the other hand. Now you roll the lint roller on the lampshades smoothly, don’t rush!

Do that on the all side of the shades slowly and see the power of the little trick. You can see that your lampshades are cleaned and looks like new shades whatever the lampshades were made with fabric or paper or plastic. But if your lampshades come with a very complex design, then this lint roller may not work, But here is the solution for you. So read more…

How to clean lamp shades and turn it to a new one? 

It’s really too easy for a child also to clean the lampshade and convert it like a shade that just brought.

You need 3 things to do that:

  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • OxiClean
  • Scrub Brush
  • And a big bucket

you can find them on Amazon.

How to remove stain from lamp shades?

The Dawn Dish Soap for remove stain from the shade, as you can see a stain in the image (Sorry for the bad image quality). Use this only if your one has a stain and if your one has no stain then start reading nest paragraph. To remove the stain, take some Dawn Dish Soap at the finger and then rub your finger in the stain.

How to clean lampshades with stain

How to wash lampshades?

You have to take a big bucket and take water on it. Then mix OxiClean with water properly. After mixing the water properly, you have to take the shade and wash that with the mixed water manually (Don’t use washing machine). 

Wash that properly for a few minutes with Scrub Brush. Scrub properly on every side of the lampshade.  After that wait more a few minutes and then take out the shade from the water. 

Now again wash lampshade with clean water. After that dry with Hairdryer properly. Yes, its now become clean and sine-like a new one.

how can I wash lampshades? 

To wash your lampshades you have to take a big bucket. Now take water on it and mix Oxiclean properly. After that wash lampshades with the mixed water. Also, use a scrub brush to clean all sides. 

how to clean fabric lampshades?

First, you need a lint roller to clean fabric lampshades. Open the lint roller and roll it on all sides of the shade. Don’t rush, do slowly and see how it works! its clean lampshades like a new one.

Can I wash lampshades with bleach?

Yes, you can wash lampshades with bleach but be aware that if your lampshade is old or made with fabric, it’s better to not use bleach to wash it.

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