What Light Color Is Best For Kitchens?

What light color is best for kitchens & what type of light bulb to choose?

Do you know what light color is best for kitchens & which bulb to choose?

Probably not. But do not worry, because you are reading the indicated post. Here we will explain all the details you need to know to get perfect lighting in your home kitchen.

Lighting types

Very well, before continuing, we have to understand some concepts, such as the types of lighting. Specifically, we can separate it into three subsections:

1. Main lighting: Here are the bulbs that give general lighting to a room.

2. Task lights: Task lights are those that are specifically used to do an activity, such as reading.

3. Accent lights: This type of lighting is mainly used to decorate or, for redundancy, accent. They are usually used to illuminate small spaces, such as a nightstand.

Light intensity

Very well, now we are going to touch on another topic of importance. It is about the light intensity, which is not the same as the type of lighting, but they are strongly related.

You have probably noticed that when you buy a light bulb, there is a letter “K”, accompanied by a number. The “K” refers to Kelvin degrees, with which the light intensity is measured.

The higher the number, the more intense the light will be. But this also makes the color vary. For example, 1,000K is a red light, when 10,000 is the equivalent of the color of the clear sky.

What Light Color Is Best For Kitchens?

Okay, now let’s talk specifically about kitchen lighting. And the reality is that we have two options, depending on the type of kitchen you use. Let’s see them.

Cold light

Cold light (over 4500K) is the most recommended for the kitchen area, and for various reasons. In the first instance, it makes everything appear more clearly, something necessary when we are handling dangerous utensils.

Second, white light has an activating effect on the body. This makes us stay energetic while cooking. Finally, there is the aesthetic factor. Cold light highlights dark colors and kitchen furniture.

Warm and neutral light

On the other hand, warm light is only recommended in American kitchens, that is, they have the dining room implemented. This creates a cozy and pleasant dining environment. The range in Kelvins would be between 3,000 and 4,500.

What type of lighting is ideal for the dining room?

It is also convenient that we talk a little about the ideal lighting for the dining room, assuming that it is in a separate room from the kitchen. If such is the case, then we will not need such a cold light and we can opt for something more intimate.

At breakfast, and if there are enough windows, we probably don’t even need to turn on the lights. But at lunch and dinner, lights between 3,000K and 4,500K could do. They would create an ideal environment for chatting and enjoying food.

What light bulb to buy?

Now, when choosing the ideal bulb, several agents come into play: The price, the duration, the consumption, the functions and the general quality. For example, too low a price may not be profitable for us. Perhaps the light bulb will be damaged in a short time and you have to buy another one.

Regarding consumption, it is more or less the same. A light bulb that consumes too much electricity will make the bill grow at the end of the month. LED energy saving bulbs is very useful, but not very versatile, as they are almost always achieved only in white light.

This leads us to opt for smart bulbs. It is a new technology that implements software. Through this software, they can be switched on and off depending on the time of day. They can also be lit only when someone passes by.

In turn, they can be controlled remotely through an app or a home automation panel. But what all of this brings us is that smart bulbs can be easily graduated to achieve the desired shade of light in addition to color. Basically they can be adapted to any situation and time of day. It is an investment worth making.

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